Check our video series on how to use and implement OSSWebapps Upsell app.


Common Questions & Answers

Adding a new upsell to a product is very easy: go to your dashboard and click on “adjust page”. Your store products will load dynamically. You may click on “select” button if you find the product you’d like to edit or “edit” if you’d like to add a new upsell to a product that already has one. Another option is to type the product name in the search bar. Once you chose a product you only need to drag and drop the upsell you’d like to add, customize the input fields and the style and click publish once it’s done¬†

At the moment we have 2 upsells in our app. You may use each upsell only once per page. If you’d like to suggest a new upsell to our up, feel free to click on “Contact” in our website header and share with us your idea.¬†

Each upsell can be used only once per product page

Following after your upsells performance is easy! Click on the graph icon from the app dashboard and you’ll see different analytics such as: click rate, impression rate, conversion rate such as add to cart, checkout and thank you page. The results presented both in a chart and graphs.