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Chen Zissu
Chen Zissu

The Importance of Gift Wraps

Wrap as Gift – The Feature that Lets You Show Your Customers How Much You Care

You know you have awesome products in your Shopify store and are always looking for ways to boost customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 

Meet “wrap as gift”, the new feature that will let your customers wrap gifts and send them to loved ones at the click of a button. The wrap as gift feature is one of the best upsells out there, making your average customer spend a bit more with each purchase. Along the way, your customer will be happy that s/he doesn’t have to add the extra step of wrapping themselves. 

In this post, we will discuss this feature and why it is an excellent upsell tool.

What is Wrap as Gift?

It’s pretty simple. It’s no surprise that people are shopping online for gifts more and more today. When someone buys a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker, they want the recipient to have the best experience possible. 

Back in the day, people would go to the store, buy a present, buy wrapping paper and tape (potentially at a different store), go home, wrap the gift, write the greeting card and eventually give the gift. With the move to e-commerce, part of that special, personalized aspect was lost. With the “wrap as gift” feature, your store is allowing its customers to do all of these actions at once. Not only will the gift recipient receive an awesome gift from your store, but it will also be wrapped beautifully with a special greeting card and message. What’s better than that?

Our wrap as gift feature allows you to add the option to your products, personalize the look, price and more. Before big holidays the wrap as gift feature can be a great way to increase sales and entice customers to spend more.

Get to Know Your Customers

When a customer decides to use the wrap as gift feature, they have to input certain information. This includes who the gift is for, the occasion (if you choose) and their personal message. 

Gifts can be for any occasion you can imagine. Holidays, birthdays, high school and college graduation, births, congrats or even just to spoil someone. When you get to know your customer including why and when they send gifts, this is a huge advantage point.

This information can be used as a Boost Pixel in order to manage specific remarketing campaigns. You’ll be able to set up Facebook or other ads specifically targeting specific gift purposes or audiences that abandoned their carts. This is huge! 

Let’s say that you’re setting up your campaigns and you see that Customer A abandoned his cart in the middle of writing a birthday message for his mom. This is your opportunity to use this to your advantage and get a bit of emotion involved.

“Hey Customer A! We noticed that it’s almost your mom’s birthday and you didn’t complete your purchase for her gift. Now’s the time to finish your order and make sure your mom has the ultimate birthday!”

Your messages can become even more personalized and effective using the wrap as gift information. In the end, this will cause your customers to come back to your store and purchase more. Everyone wins!

Wrap as Gift- An Easy Way to Increase Sales on Holidays

As we’ve discussed, the wrap as gift option is an easy upsell or cross sell for your store. This tiny option won’t cost you a lot, but can greatly increase the average order for your customers. You’d be surprised how many of them will be interested! Happy wrapping!

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